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Why Scene-Making Beats Sensemaking with Peter Limberg

Why Scene-Making Beats Sensemaking with Peter Limberg

Life as Art, Culture as War and Drinking Stoic Smiles

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There are only 6 live tickets remaining for my course New Ways of Knowing, which kicks off in less than a week. Join a collective inquiry into the ideas and practices that help us thrive in a time of upheaval, with a world-class faculty and participants from more than 20 countries.

New Ways of Knowing

Where’s the vital edge in culture today? How do we find art to shove us into the abyss, taboo conversations to open our minds, and shards of wisdom to open our hearts?

For Peter Limberg, this is a question we have to take seriously, but a tricky one. In his view, there is no culture any more. Drawing on the idea that we’re living through an era of cultural stagnation, what art critic Ben Davis calls ‘the after-culture’, in this interview he explains why the solution to this predicament may be buried where we least expect it.

Many of you will be familiar with Peter’s work; he’s the steward of an in-person and online community called The Stoa, and writer of the brilliant Less Foolish Substack. In my view he’s one of the most creative and incisive voices exploring the meaning crisis, the culture wars and the application of ancient wisdom traditions to the complexity of modern life.

He’s also a teacher on New Ways of Knowing, and this marks the third and final instalment in my audio series interviewing faculty. Dive in to find out what it means to make day to day life an artistic practice, new insights from his influential essay ‘The Memetic Tribes of Culture War 2.0’, and how you can drink a Stoic Smile.

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