I would appreciate your thoughts on this:

Could it be that MCT, which is clearly addictive and a mind-control tool of the ruling elites, is also exposing, through the elites’ 24-7 seductions, fake news and propaganda, the critical flaw in their philosophy and goals? You don’t create a desirable new world order by undermining the best of the old.

I feel the sociopaths can’t resist exposing more and more of the critical flaws in their thinking. They’re like school yard bullies, regressing to the point where they flaunt their stupidity.

Am I the only one feeling that I’m catching on to the absurdity of their machinations, their plot and schemes? And becoming disgusted to the point where I’m beginning to counter it? By mirroring and magnifying, as James Baldwin described it? Or, as I teach, by attending, eliciting and listening? By refusing to be divided and set against others, refusing mass formation? By faith and love, rather than fear and hatred?

I see little things. A wife, abused as a child, becomes more responsive to her husband. A father, traumatized by his father as a boy, becomes more sensitive to how hard it is to be his teenage son. A casual friend calls to sympathize with and support a recently abandoned mother, or a recently laid off father.

Perhaps most basically, it’s a growing tendency to respond to others with a sense of awe, wonder and reverence, rather than abstraction, analysis, and assertion.

I see people doing these kinds of things. I suspect most of them aren’t yet conscious of it. Would it help to tell them when I see it occurring with them? Perhaps by asking them what’s going on with them, so they see it for themselves?

Because this response I’m seeing could, if it became more widespread, knock the existing context of left-brain dominant rivalrous tribalism on its ass. And simultaneously lead to the opposite context of loving inclusion and collaboration.

The response I’m seeing may be the transformation of individuals which is going to lead to the transformation of civilization.

Are you picking up on it as well?

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.....tune in, turn on, drop out....just remade for 2023, or finally accepting that the USA is an Imperialist Run Plutocracy.

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Loved the moment in the discussion when Peter Limberg drops in the idea that sensefulness might supplant mindfulness - this is a juicy idea for me.

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Mass communication technology

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